Community Ambassadors

Our community ambassadors and hero’s 

Karl Munn: A father who has lost a son due to being  violently attacked.

Sarah Wallace: A mother who has lost her Son to Knife Crime.


Tyrie Blair: A Son who lost his Father to Gun crime.

Julie Jones: A mother who lost her son to knife crime.

Gemma Lee: A Mother whom her two Sons lost their Father to  a Violent attack.  


We support children and families throughout the year who have lost loved ones at the hands of violent crimes.


We work alongside the victims of these families to remember their loved ones in a positive way by giving them a platform to share their experiences with other children and families on the effects of knife and gun crimes on those families and empowering them as community ambassadors. 


The community ambassadors give Awards to Children and families every year in honour of their lost love one. These Awards are chosen by our ambassadors who present them to children and families in the community who are making a positive change and contribution or in the community.

The Awards are: 

The Daniel Williams Youth Intervention Award


The Bernard Langton Youth Intervention Award

The Liam Munn sports Youth Intervention Award

The Ezekiel Clarke Youth Intervention Award

The Shane Kori Lee Youth Intervention Award

The Stanford Uriah Patterson & Beryl May  Patterson Stronger families Awards

You can nominate a young person by sending an email to:

by giving your reason for nominations and relevant contact details for the children and families.

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Karl Munn


Sarah Wallace


Tyrie Blair


Julie Jones


Gemma Lee

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The Pattersons family